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Linda Davide


For Sandoval County Assessor

“Promises Kept”

Re-elect Linda Davide Gallegos

I Kept My Promises 

  • Improved Budget and
  • Created 2 new Appraiser positions (needed for the fastest growing county)
  • Assessed more than 20% of the County each year
  • Removed inaccurate discounts and exemptions making our valuations fairer and more equitable
  • Kept my promises and continue to be a full-time Assessor
  • Certified Public Official
  • 30 years Banking, Investment and Management experience
  • 40 Year resident 
  • Previous Chief Deputy Treasurer
  • Married 23 years with 3 grown children

“I will continue to treat our taxpayers and employees with RESPECT and FAIRNESS.” 

Promises Kept

  • Set and achieved office goals
  • Provided and encouraged additional staff training
  • Worked with other counties to compile and share data
  • Created 2 additional Appraiser positions
  • Created a Safe work environment during COVID while serving Sandoval County 
  • Updated protest procedures to include Zoom and telephonic
  • Updated office policies and website
  • Cleaned up mobile home accounts to reduce unnecessary mailings (saving tax payer funds)
  • Attended Community Outreach Events
  • Participated in Assessor Affiliate Conferences 

I Promise to…

  • Additional education and cross training 
  • Incorporate data from other Counties to assist in current and correct values
  • Work towards the highest accuracy which will reduce the number of protests
  • Conduct additional studies to determine if there are issues that need to be addressed including vacant land
  • Expand Community Outreach to educate the public on exemptions (many were postponed due to COVID)
  • Attend additional Veteran events and continue to educate on exemptions  
  • Grow the office to keep up with the fastest growing county in the state
  • Continue to update website 
  • Continue to be fair and consistent to obtain equitable assessments for all taxpayers

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